Notary Lawyer Melbourne assists individuals and corporate entities with notarising and legalising documents for international use. If you have been requested to have a document certified or witnessed by a Notary Public, our office is well placed to assist.


Some of our more services include:

  • Administer oaths for the giving of evidence.
  • Prepare Notarial Certificates of Law & Good Standing for corporate entities.
  • Noting and Protesting Bills of Exchange.
  • Preparation of Ship Protests.
  • Verification of Company documents and ASIC database details.
  • Verification of personal identity and/or signature.
  • Taking Affidavits, Declarations & Depositions.
  • Certification of documents, including Certificates & Testamurs.
  • Witness execution of local and international documents such as Sale and Purchase Agreements, Transfers of land, Assignments of Intellectual Property, Powers of Attorney, Authorities, Deeds, Security Documentation, Mortgages, Company Resolutions, Minutes and Reports.

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