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Constantine Stamopoulos is admitted as a Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia. He is the Principal Solicitor at Bentleys Barristers & Solicitors in East Melbourne. Constantine has been admitted to practice as Notary Public in Victoria. He is a member of Law Institute of Victoria and Society of Notories of Victoria.

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MCVCountyCourtFrderal Circuit Court of AustraliaSupreme Court

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Societies of Notaries of VictoriaSocieties of Notaries of Victoria: The Society represents the practising Notaries Public in Victoria. Notaries are an old and specialised branch of legal professionals with particular knowledge and experience in matters which cross national boundaries and jurisdictions. Read More..
Law Institute of VictoriaLaw Institute of Victoria: The Law Institute of Victoria is a non-profit organisation which is the peak body representing the thousands of legal professionals and people working within the law in Victoria  Read More..
Supreme Court of VictoriaSupreme Court of Victoria: The highest court in the State of Victoria is divided into two divisions. The Supreme Court’s Trial Division administers and hears cases. The Court of Appeal Division deals with the Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction hearing appeals from the County and Magistrates’ Court  Read More..
County Court VictoriaCounty Court Victoria: The County Court is the principal trial court of Victoria, positioned between the higher Supreme Court and the lower Magistrates’ Court Read More..
High Court of AustraliaHigh Court of Australia: The High Court sits above all other courts in the Australian judicial system. The High Court’s function is to interpret and apply the law of Australia; to decide cases requiring a determination on the constitutional validity of legislation or executive decision-making, cases of particular federal significance and certain appeals from Federal, State and Territory courts. Read More..
Maritime Law Association of Australia & New ZealandMaritime Law Association of Australia & New Zealand: This not-for-profit association comprises over 500 members across a range of legal and maritime professional backgrounds based in Australia, New Zealand and other nations. MLAANZ works to advance reforms in maritime law and supports the ongoing education and training of future maritime lawyers Read More..