Contrary to what you might think, maritime Law is not a body of law concerned solely with the passage of ships at sea. It has significant implications upon the many commercial and recreational activities that take place at sea. There is a growing expanse of state and federal laws which governs almost all seaborne and associated activities in this region. These range from regulating the loading and unloading of ships in Australian ports to the exploration and recovery of off-shore petroleum to heritage preservation of historically significant shipwrecks..

At Notary Lawyer of Melbourne we have the knowledge and the expertise to help you navigate the ebbs and flows of Australian maritime law and its implications on your commercial interests and recreational pursuits. 

Our Firm can provide you with assistance with:

  • Ship-building and small-boating building contracts;
  • Sale and purchase of recreational and commercial vessels;
  • Chartering boats
  • Standard broker boat-sale agreements;
  • Registration of Australian Ships under the Shipping Registration Act 1981;
  • Securities and charges over your ships;
  • Supply and service agreements for marine service providers;
  • Negotiating and concluding agreements with governments or statutory bodies;
  • Ship arrest;
  • Leasing property from port authorities;
  • Review of tribunal decisions and judicial reviews and
  • General advice with respect to state and federal laws regulating the use and operation of your vesset, licensing (e.g. for surveying or fishing)